In a pivotal step forward that reflects our unwavering commitment to excellence and our belief in nurturing exceptional talent, Cygnus proudly announces the promotions of four distinguished professionals within our ranks.
August 15, 2023 // BY admin

Leadership Team

Angela “Angi” BeCArra, ED.D. – COO, Cygnus

Angi is a dynamic and creative leader with 15 years of successful progressive experience specializing in recruitment, marketing, admissions, student success, outreach, and business development. She has a unique leadership style that is both result-orientated and supportive. To assist her teams in achieving business goals, she defines clear objectives and provides the resources and coaching they need to be successful. She believes that collaboration is a key role in the success of an organization and works tirelessly to drive collaboration among her teams, other departments, and partner institutions.

She has served her community by volunteering for organizations that serve underprivileged students and students with disabilities. She has a doctoral degree in Higher Education Leadership from Maryville University.

Chelsi Bernhard – EVP of Marketing & Communications

Chelsi is an analytics-driven marketing leader with over a decade of experience creating scalable, quality campaigns across all digital sources. She has extensive experience in education performance marketing, enabling her to develop and train a highly effective media team. A media buyer at heart, Chelsi enjoys identifying new source opportunities, expanding on existing placements, and producing high-quality audience segments. She has also helped spearhead the development of our in-house creative team, as she firmly believes frequent creative testing is key to campaign success. Chelsi is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

These carefully considered promotions are more than milestones in the professional journeys of these extraordinary employees: they signify a profound transformation within Cygnus itself. The promotions are not just a recognition of merit but a celebration of the individual attributes, visions, and talents that continue to shape Cygnus’s success.

Media Team

Anthony Gigliotti – Director of Performance Marketing

Anthony is a dedicated team leader who has spent the past 3+ years with Cygnus leading media strategy and training media buyers on how to run successful campaigns for our clients. He is focused on deeply understanding our clients’ needs and centering our campaign strategy around them. Anthony specializes in crafting strategies for reaching high-intent prospective students across established and emerging channels. Anthony is a graduate of Temple University.

Tech Team

Alex van Wert – Director of Product Design & Marketing

Alex is a methodical, empathetic, and evidence-based product designer with over eight years of experience pursuing the mental models involved in human-computer interaction. Her experience spans stakeholder interviews, agile product prioritization, comparative feature and heuristic analysis, and A/B testing. Alex strives to design with clarity and purpose, creating digital products that target needs and solve problems. She is the head of design for VEGA, our Marketing Operating System that serves clients and our internal Cygnus Marketing team. Alex is a graduate of Duke University, and she has a master’s degree in Integrated Design & Media from New York University.

Please join us in extending heartfelt congratulations to these employees. Their dedication and brilliance shine as a beacon for Cygnus Education, inspiring us to reach higher and strive harder. In their achievements, we find our direction; in their leadership, our purpose; in their vision, our future.

Together, we embark on a new chapter, unified by our shared commitment to excellence, innovation, and growth.

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Chelsi Bernhard
EVP, Marketing & Communications
Cygnus Education