Integrated Performance Marketing

The Integrated Performance Marketing (IPM) model presented by Cygnus is a ground-breaking marketing solution that unites the best elements of marketing strategy, marketing mix management, and agency of record services.


Key Features of IPM Model

Strategic Partnership

Cygnus functions as a strategic partner rather than a replacement, where universities retain all their existing marketing staff while Cygnus works to augment and enhance their efforts. This ensures that institutional knowledge remains in-house, while benefiting from Cygnus’s expertise in performance marketing, technology, and enrollment management.

Advanced Technology Integration

IPM clients gain exclusive access to VEGA, our state-of-the-art Marketing Operating System. VEGA integrates seamlessly with your existing CRM system, meaning there’s no need for time-consuming or costly system replacements. This technology enables more effective and efficient marketing management, delivering valuable insights to help improve your marketing strategies.

Enhanced Program Capabilities

IPM is flexible and adaptable to the specific needs of your university. If required, Cygnus can take over marketing for targeted program areas, such as masters or doctoral programs. This allows your in-house team to focus their resources where they’re needed most, while Cygnus expertly handles the rest.

Expanded Compliance Capabilities

With increasing scrutiny on educational institutions, the compliance capabilities offered through IPM are invaluable. Cygnus can manage compliance monitoring and enforcement, providing a protective layer between your university and its affiliates. This ensures your institution remains in good standing, while freeing your team to focus on their core responsibilities.

Channel-Specific Expertise

In today’s fragmented media landscape, it’s vital to effectively manage a diverse mix of marketing channels. Through IPM, Cygnus can take charge of specific channels, such as search or social media, applying our deep expertise to maximize your reach and engagement on these platforms.

Benefits of Integrated Performance Marketing


We believe in 100% transparency in our IPM services. All marketing mix recommendations and decisions are guided purely by performance outcomes – no biases, no favoritism.


We work in full collaboration with your team, keeping them in the loop while ensuring they understand the basis for all our actions.

Performance Optimization

Leverage Cygnus’s expertise and tools to optimize your marketing performance, driving higher-quality leads and better enrollment rates.

Preserved In-House Knowledge

Maintain your existing team and their institutional knowledge, while augmenting their capabilities with Cygnus’s expertise.

Advanced Technology

White-glove onboarding and seamless integration of VEGA, a cutting-edge Marketing Operating System, avoids disrupting your team by working with your existing CRM.

Compliance Assurance

Rest easy knowing that compliance is being expertly managed, reducing your risk and freeing your team to focus on other areas.

Flexibility and Scalability

Choose to allocate specific programs or channels to Cygnus, offering you the flexibility and scalability to meet changing needs.

IPM Economics

  1. Flexible pricing model allows institutions to augment marketing capabilities cost-effectively.
  2. Full access to VEGA, as well as ComplyEd, Cygnus’ proprietary compliance solution.
  3. Partners can optimize KPIs while lowering compliance risk and augmenting efforts in difficult programs or degree levels.

Choosing Cygnus’s Integrated Performance Marketing model provides your university with a unique, performance-focused marketing approach that aligns with your existing operations and adds value every step of the way.