Compliance Made Effortless with ComplyEd

We understand the protection of your brand in the execution of your marketing efforts is of the utmost importance. That’s why we developed ComplyEd, our proprietary compliance solution designed to guarantee 100% brand and legal compliance in all creatives.

With ComplyEd, we provide your team with a consolidated view of all creative assets, with the ability to update brand guidelines and accept or reject creatives. ComplyEd provides peace of mind that comes with a straightforward and transparent process for managing creative content and brand safety.


Streamlined Compliance Management & Transparency

ComplyEd grants your team instant access to all active, creative assets deployed across your marketing campaigns. More than that, it serves as a repository for previously deployed creatives, providing a comprehensive view of your marketing history. All of this is conveniently accessible from a single, user-friendly location.

With ComplyEd, your team can effortlessly approve or reject pending creative requests, ensuring complete control over the content being deployed, with an active team ready to act fast to find you creative success.

Easily navigate through active and inactive creative assets, review marketing channel details, and access TCPA copy usage. You can even explore links to all active landing pages, allowing you to monitor campaign performance with confidence.

Guaranteed Compliance

At Cygnus Education, we prioritize compliance.

Our media team cannot deploy any creative asset without obtaining electronic approval through ComplyEd. This ensures that every creative aligns with your institution’s compliance standards and regulatory requirements.

Our commitment to 100% compliance means your marketing campaigns remain on track and secure.