Creative Management

Your institution’s reputation is very important, so we don’t leave anything up to chance.

When you work with Cygnus, you enter a partnership where success is more than a number. Our data-driven techniques don’t just bring more students; they build your brand.

Cygnus ensures all creative executions are 100% aligned with your brand guidelines. This means that every piece of creative content we produce strictly adheres to the stylistic and thematic guidelines established by your brand. This includes your institution’s color schemes, typography, tone of voice, messaging, language, and other elements that make your institution distinct and unique.

Content from Cygnus is always guaranteed to be compliant, adhering to all relevant rules and regulations (such as copyright laws and advertising standards) while also designed with appeal to the end consumer in mind. The goal of this content is to engage prospective students and cater to their needs, interests, and avenues of engagement.

Our team of expert copywriters, editors, designers, and content strategists work in tandem with your marketing team to generate compliant and consumer-centric creatives that raise awareness, drive targeted consumer engagement, and generate high-intent prospective student leads, with the ability to monitor campaign pacing and rapidly adjust when needed.

This collaboration ensures a collaborative approach to creating and promoting content that accurately and effectively represents your brand, language, and values.

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