VEGA: Performance Marketing System

Navigating the landscape of media platforms, campaign management, and third-party marketing vendors can be complex. One thing is assured – data management and campaign optimization are at the heart of successful marketing.

VEGA, our exclusive Performance Marketing System, is designed to transform the way you strategize and execute your campaigns.

The system empowers your marketing team by integrating data from all marketing initiatives, setting up performance-based process automation, and facilitating optimization decisions using real-time intelligence. Using VEGA, your team gains a consolidated and comprehensive view of campaign performance across all traffic sources by channel, program, and even down to the creative level.

With VEGA, quality isn’t a mystery. The system brings quality metrics to your fingertips, enabling your team to constantly refine audiences, placements, and creatives for optimal results. Regular check-ins also ensure data accuracy, accurate performance metrics, and help to identify fresh opportunities for your institution.


Real-time Intelligence and Vendor Management

VEGA provides your team with a real-time intelligence and reporting system coupled with smart vendor management tools. This allows your media managers to analyze performance, update caps, manage invoicing, and customize alerts for Key Performance Indicators critical to your institution’s success.

Enabling Media Strategists

With VEGA, your media strategists, buyers, and analysts gain access to a powerful suite of tools. Data visualization options bring campaign insights to life, allowing your team to make informed decisions and optimize performance based on a wide variety of parameters.

Real-time fulfillment details and updates keep you in the loop, while down-funnel performance reports provide essential metrics such as cost, conversion, and persistence through the steps of your enrollment funnel.

Take Full Control of Your Campaigns

VEGA puts you in the driver’s seat with the ability to set volume and budget allocation caps, adjust pacing, and gain valuable audience insights. With lead scoring capabilities, you can prioritize high-quality prospects and maximize conversion rates.

The built-in landing page builder and conversion rate optimizer streamline your campaign experience, ensuring seamless user journeys and increased application rates.

White Glove Integration
and Future-Proofing

The VEGA team handles all onboarding needs in order to seamlessly integrate with your existing technology stack, providing an easy transition as your central hub for campaign management and analysis.

As a system that intelligently integrates automation in service of efficient responsiveness to performance indicators, VEGA continuously evolves, leveraging the latest advancements to keep your institution at the forefront of marketing innovation so you’re never left behind.

Are you ready to join the ranks of successful institutions that have harnessed the power of VEGA to achieve remarkable results?