Our performance marketing and student acquisition solutions come packed with strategic marketing expertise from years in the industry, specifically designed to supercharge your student enrollment and empower your team with straightforward management of all marketing initiatives.


Using only first-party data, our certified performance marketing professionals will leverage high-quality sources like Tiktok, Facebook, Snapchat, Google, Bing, and LinkedIn to expand your brand’s reach, target prospective students, and hit enrollment KPIs! In fact, our team currently manages the highest allocation in the higher education space for one of our top performing sources, demonstrating our trusted status in the field, and is a testament to our adaptability and our unwavering commitment to staying ahead of industry trends.

At Cygnus, we love precision.

Our marketing strategies ensure not just growth but relevant growth. We target your ideal students with the desired qualifications, engage them with meaningful creatives to foster their genuine intent to achieve their educational goals, and finally convert them into enrolled students.

Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t work with affiliates, aggregators, or call centers. We do not leverage purchased data in any way, instead relying on our proprietary technology to serve as the basis of our marketing analyses and strategic media buying decisions. We’re thorough and conduct a meticulous discovery process that aims to understand the unique DNA of your institution. Using the industry’s best practices, we carve out a bespoke marketing strategy that will help your institution shine in a competitive marketplace, drawing in the students that are ready and excited to join your university.

We’re proud to be a 100% first-party partner, managing all performance marketing initiatives internally due to our belief in complete transparency and taking full ownership of our strategies. Our marketing campaigns will magnify your brand voice, reach your target students, and improve enrollment growth and key cost metrics, all weaving in seamlessly with your internal marketing efforts.