Maximize Third-Party Vendor Performance


Without full transparency into third-party vendors’ marketing efforts, institutions may face low conversion rates and even compliance risk.

Cygnus’s vendor management/agency of record (AOR) services ensure a compliant mix that delivers high-intent prospective students and transparent enrollment growth. Our proactive account and media teams manage third-party vendors that provide CPL and CPC services and maximize their conversion performance at scale. This allows our partner institutions to focus on internal best practices while we plan and optimize campaigns based on real-time data to achieve our partners’ inquiry target allocations and conversion rates.

Performance at scale while tackling these challenges:

  • Ensuring third party partners are using compliant ads & landing pages
  • Actively managing and monitoring pacing
  • Monthly performance adjustments based on granular campaign data
  • Constant creative and placement testing to find the widest range of prospective students

Lift overall cross-channel performance with vendor management!

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