Search Engine Optimization must be a Key Component of Your Institution’s Marketing Strategy


Cygnus can help your institution achieve higher rankings and generate high-intent organic leads, while cost-effectively driving enrollment growth.

SEO is one of the main pillars of digital marketing, providing direct and high-intent prospective student leads with higher conversion rates than other marketing channels. Further, SEO can increase conversions without proportionately increasing your marketing cost, making it a crucial part of your marketing mix.

A well-designed and implemented SEO strategy can solve challenges like:

  • Mitigating the high cost of paid digital marketing tactics
  • Gaining competitive share-of-voice for targeted, relevant searches
  • Reaching targeted audiences with keyword and content optimization
  • Outlining a relevant link building strategy while avoiding Google penalties
  • Ensuring there is alignment between paid search and SEO strategies

The Cygnus approach to SEO

As experts in SEO strategies and performance marketing, we deliver cost-effective and scalable solutions that meet your goals—and your budget.

We start every campaign with a full forensic website audit:

  • Website architecture: We ensure your website is organized and crawled correctly―critical components of the optimization process. If search engines cannot find your content easily and in a structured manner, it won’t be indexed, displayed or ranked properly.
  • Competitive & domain analysis: We review the strength and trust of your website, measured by the quantity, quality and relevancy of links pointing to it, to see exactly how you stack up against your competitors.
  • Title & meta tag analysis: Search engines rely on meta data to properly categorize your pages when calculating the relevancy of your website. We alert you if they are missing, duplicated or not implemented properly, to ensure you are hitting the right keywords. We also recommend changes to these tags, as needed.
  • Internal & backlink analysis: We identify crawl errors and linking issues that could be holding your site back and provide a full review of the details.

Content marketing and link-building strategies: To create momentum and enhance your organic results, we work with you to identify, create and promote valuable content to reach your target audience within:

  • High-authority, targeted media sites
  • Trustworthy and relevant directories
  • Social media pages & placements known to your audience
  • Industry-focused blogs
  • And more!

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