One of the Most Cost-Effective Forms of Acquisition Marketing


Paid search campaigns generate quality prospects more efficiently and effectively than most affiliate or other marketing channels

Cygnus offers complete ROI focused Paid Search campaign development (AdWords, Bing, Facebook, etc.) as well as ongoing optimization and management services.

Cygnus brings significant expertise and powerful performance to your marketing campaigns. We focus on quality scores and have real-time optimization and dayparting capabilities with CTC buttons that are live only when your enrollment advisors are active. Plus, we are fully transparent, providing you with true cost and performance details—down to the keyword level.

The Cygnus Education Difference

  • We analyze your current efforts and goals to create a customized, cohesive strategy that gets results.
  • Campaigns unique to each of your locations, with mix of branded and non-branded keywords
  • Landing pages: Clear CTA, simplified form, A/B tested, continuously improved
  • Dayparting: Based on traffic and conversion trends
  • Phone numbers: Trackable with CTC technology
  • Mobile mindset: Mobile-optimized landing pages and mobile-specific bid adjustments
  • Daily optimizations to increase traffic & optimize cost
  • Transparent reporting with keywords, ad copy, clicks, conversion rates, spend details
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