Is Your Enrollment Management Organization Truly Integrated?


Realign Your Enrollment Management Organization to Ignite Enrollment Growth

Our multi-phased approach to enrollment management provides opportunity for close inspection and detailed realignment of your operations.

Phase I – Operational Assessment A detailed analysis of all operational processes currently supporting student recruitment and admissions efforts is conducted. As part of this analysis, we hold a number of interviews with key internal stakeholders, including senior administrators and staff. During this phase, Cygnus may provide tactical recommendations representing immediate opportunities for process improvements.

Phase II – Competitive Analysis A competitive analysis is completed to benchmark enrollment management capabilities against a selected number of competitive institutions. Findings from phases I and II are used to compile a SWOT analysis and formulate an operational strategy.

Phase III – Enrollment Management Strategy The strategy, objectives and tactical priorities needed to achieve institutional enrollment goals are identified. The enrollment management strategy includes a plan outlining how enrollment management resources (such as admissions counselors, tuition advisors, etc.) will be retrained and redeployed to achieve institutional goals.

Phase IV – Tactical Execution Plan

The final phase of this engagement includes the formulation of a tactical execution plan, detailing all steps required to fine tune and effectively manage recruitment efforts (inquiry qualification, application management) and admissions processes (completed application processing, matriculation and registration). In addition, training materials are crafted covering all steps of the realigned enrollment management process.

Ready to reignite enrollment growth?


Ready to ignite enrollment growth?

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