Re-Activate Dormant Leads and Nurture Existing Prospects to Enroll


With targeted email marketing campaigns, Cygnus can help your institution build and nurture relationships to enable better engagement and more efficient transitions throughout the prospective student journey.

Email marketing is extremely cost efficient, with nurturing and reactivation campaigns delivering a strong lift in conversion rates. Offering full brand and message control, email also boosts the performance of other marketing channels while remaining one of the most trusted forms of digital marketing.

Email marketing is ideal for tackling these challenges:

  • Lifting conversion rates at various milestones throughout the prospective student journey
  • Improving overall retention rates with targeted communications to current students
  • Connecting with leads with incomplete or inaccurate contact information (e.g., transposition errors)
  • Re-engaging older leads, lifting overall cross-channel performance

The Cygnus approach to email marketing

Automated and verified email messages, carefully created to be relevant at the moment received, are deployed utilizing device-agnostic, responsive designs and email best practice guidelines developed from our years of experience in performance marketing.

Our flexible, customized approach maximizes your entire prospect database—past, present and future. Campaigns use dynamic CTC buttons that render on smartphones during business hours and disappear during off hours. And we use multi-platform designs with responsive templates that adjust in size and layout automatically based on the user’s reading environment.

Lift overall cross-channel performance with email marketing!

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